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Agarbathi Manufacturing


Complete project assistance for Agarbathi Manufacturing with Buy back Tie-up

Establishing Machine Made Agarbatti Manufacturing Units,With Buy Back-Agreement

Agarbatti & Pooja

Incense Stick / Agarbatti has been with mankind since the beginning of time. It is a part of Indian Heritage. Since ancient times in India, Aromatic Wood, Leaves, Roots etc were burnt in the sacred fire during Religious Rituals. These Natural Materials besides purifying the air before important religious rituals also had Disinfectant and Fungicidal properties. Agarbatti has been used on Religious Occasions around the world for thousands of years. People also Burn Agarbatti for the Aromatherapy, Meditation, Yoga. Indian Incense in form of - Scented Agarbatti, Masala Agarbatti, Dhoopbatti, Havan Samagri has been in use for thousands of years for Peace, Health & Prosperity.

People have used perfume, oils and unguents on their bodies for thousands of years in lesser or greater amounts dependent on fashion whims. Scent has always attracted humans, In the present market the Scent - Spray Bottle, Roller Bottle have got a great demand and there is a good market scope for this business. Scent has now become the necessity of many people. The sweet fragrance of scent keeps one fresh & cool throughout.

Who should start:

Dealers in Agarbatti & Pooja Items, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, College Students, Housewives, Retired Person, Anyone who find this Profitable & Easy to start & sell. One who is already in this Business for gaining more Knowledge or expanding Business.

In Scented Agarbatti there are many Varieties & Qualities. 1 kg Scented Agarbatti loose without Packing one can make of range say Rs. 60 - 85 a kg or 100 - 150 & above per kg, thus quality & costing depends on the quality of material you use. We provide you Basic know how& you can adjust as per your requirement to make different qualities.

Scented Agarbatti Standard Box of 20 - 25 gms containing app. 20 - 25 sticks

We have explained basic information which will explain you how to prepare your own Perfume for Scented Agarbatti.

We are the Agarbatti Manufacturers and Suppliers of a Multinational Company. Our client has more than 500 tons of Raw Agarbattis per month. 60% of raw agarbattis are imported from Vietnam, China and Thaivan. So our company is Establishing Small And Medium Scale Machine Made Agarbatti Manufacturing units all over India to develop products to supply us through Buy Back Agreement for 3 to 5 years and more as per below mentioned Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions to Establish Units
  • Supplying agarbatti making machines (Pedal and Semi-Automatic with Branded Quality).
  • Supplying Raw Material (Jiggat, Charcoal, Saw Dust And 9 inches Round Bamboo Sticks)
  • To Buy Back the Finished Goods through MOU / Agreement for 3 to 5 years
  • We provide Training, Technology and to manufacture and develop the products.
  • The Buy Back Agreement will be made for three years and you cannot to sale the products to others.